When the clock strikes 8PM, India's "Thaath" reaches a crescendo. No wonder, 8PM is the first brand in the liquor industry to make it to the LIMCA book of records for selling one millon cases in the first year of its launch. Launched as a flagship brand of Radico, 8PM exhibits an unparalleled brand experience for its loyal customers, giving them a taste of real "Thaath". Made with the finest quality grain, new 8PM is an epitome of lavishness and quality drinking.

8 PM Whisky Alcohol Percentage

Similar to the other whisky brands in india, it is the drink of choice for many whisky drinkers that prefer a stronger drink that delivers a potent buzz. This blended whisky carries an alcohol strength of 42.8%.

How to Drink 8 PM Whisky

A fairly stronger blend of whiskies and grain spirits, 8PM whisky is best enjoyed with a mixer such as water or soda. Food accompaniments that are best suited with this drink are high protein snacks such as Tandoori Chicken, or even various Seafood varieties such as prawns.

Radico Khaitan proclaims it to be a whisky prepared with the finest quality grain, and reaffirms their commitment to deliver a product that “exhibits an unparalleled excellence to their loyal customers” on their website.

8PM Whisky Packaging

8PM whisky is available in several different bottle sizes such as 750ml, 375ml and 180ml in the domestic market, whereas in the International market, it is also available in 90ml bottles apart from the 180ml, 375ml and 750ml bottles.

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