Bagpiper is a brand of blended Indian whisky that has been available in India for over five decades. The brand is a part of the portfolio owned by United Spirits Ltd., a subsidiary of Diageo LLC in India.

The Bagpiper whisky brand belongs to the economy whisky segment. It is a very popular brand of whisky in the semi-urban and rural markets throughout the country.

History of Bagpiper whisky

Established in 1976 by Herbertsons Limited, Bagpiper is one of the oldest whisky brands in India that are still widely available today. United Breweries Group, the parent company of Herbertson Limited were prominent players in the alcoholic beverages in the market during that period.

Historically, Bagpiper has been a strong whisky brand in India, with sales figures rising consistently since it was first introduced. In recent times, the brand has suffered sagging sales figures after enjoying a prosperous spell that began in 2005. The Bagpiper brand of whisky was declared India’s largest selling whisky, a title it has since lost.

Currently, Bagpiper still ranks among the top ten highest selling Indian whisky brands in the country, behind the likes of more popular brands such as Imperial BlueRoyal StagOfficer’s Choice and others.

Making Process of Bagpiper whisky

Like most Indian blended whiskies from the economy segment, the Bagpiper blend is created by combining imported Scotch malts with neutral spirits distilled from molasses. Whisky brands in India that belong to the premium segment blend Scotch malts with fine grain whisky, although brands such as Bagpiper opt for neutral spirit in order to lower the costs.

Alcohol Percentage in Bagpiper whisky

Bagpiper Deluxe blended Indian whisky carries an alcohol strength of 42.8% ABV, the standard limit for Indian whisky and other alcoholic beverages.

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