Produced by United Spirits (Diageo). This whisky sold 9.3 million 9-litre cases in 2017.

The producer describes it as "carefully blended with extra neutral alcohol and flavorings”. Apparently Hayward’s Fine Whisky is very popular in several African markets.

Nose: Bananas, vanilla, dried fruits and a touch of gastric acid. There seems to be something off here..

Taste: Medium to slim body and heavy on the (weird) sweetness. Image something as unusual as a herbal, perfumy, salty, caramel ice-cream, left to sit way, way too long in the freezer, then taken out and left to melt and subsequently congeal in the sun. Yeah..I know. I just had this in my mouth. Oh crap, I just realized I can never untaste this.

Finish: Short! Yes! 'nuff said!

Comment: Again I am left wondering “Why?”..

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