Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey cinnamon liqueur from the house of Jack Daniel’s, the world’s largest producers of American whiskey, and one of the world’s bestselling whiskey brands.

The Tennessee Fire, along with the Tennessee Honey are two of the newest, and the most interesting introductions to the Jack Daniel’s range, and the brand’s first entry into the liqueur segment. Both flavors of the liqueur have been appreciated and well-received by whiskey lovers.


Founder Jack Daniel established the brand after he spent his early years at the family farm of his mentor, Dan Call and learned the art and techniques of whisky making from Nearest Green, an enslaved man who worked at the Call farm.

Jack Daniel’s journey began in the county of Moore, city of Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1875, although the company claims the year to be 1866 on their bottles, and on their company website. Nearest Green and Jack Daniel participated in the steady rise of Jack Daniel’s until 1904 when the brand won its first Gold medal in St. Louis, Missouri.

By this time, Jack Daniel had welcomed his nephew Lem Motlow into the business as a bookkeeper and had also introduced the iconic square bottles in 1897. Upon Jack’s passing in 1907, Lem Motlow took over the production and ownership of the distillery as he persevered to take the brand to new heights.

Fighting the Great Depression, Prohibition, and the World War II, Lem Motlow preserved the brand before leaving the reins of the company to his new Master Distiller Lem Tolley. He successfully resumed production of whiskey at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery during the 1950s, and was succeeded by Jess Gamble, and Frank Bobo as Master Distillers.

Gentleman Jack and the Single Barrel series of whiskeys were the handiwork of Jimmy Bedford, Master Distiller at the company since 1988-2007, and was succeeded by Jeff Arnett who introduced the Tennessee Fire, and Tennessee Honey among other special bottlings from the Jack Daniel’s brand.

Making Process

The Jack Daniel’s is a cinnamon liqueur with a strong base constituted by the quintessential Jack Daniel’s drink, the Old No. 7.

Contents of the whiskey in the Tennessee Fire liqueur blend are 20%, making for a truly smooth, yet spicy drink.

Alcohol Percentage

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire carries an alcohol strength of 35% ABV/80 US Proof, the standard permissible limit for American Bourbon whiskies although it is a Tennessee Whiskey based cinnamon flavored Liqueur.

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