Original Choice is a brand of blended Indian whisky from the house of John Distilleries, one of India’s leading regional whisky players based out of Bangalore, Karnataka.

It is an immensely successful local whisky brand, and is not only one of India’s but also the world’s largest selling whisky brands. The brand retains an astonishing popularity in the market, and its sales figures account for nearly 90% of its company’s revenue.


John Distilleries was established in Bangalore, Karnataka in 1992 as National Distilleries. The brand eventually underwent a change in name, assuming the name John, inspired by its founder, Paul P John.

In addition to the Original Choice brand of whiskies, John Distilleries also have number of gin, vodka, dark rum and wine brands under their portfolio although Original Choice continues to be their most important product.

Original Choice was the first product from John Distilleries launched in 1996, and continues to be their flagship and key product. The brand was the eighth highest selling whisky in 2017, and currently boasts sales figures of nearly 11 million cases annually.

Making Process

Like most Indian blended whiskies in the economical segment, Original Choice is a blend of Scotch malts, grain whiskies and mostly molasses based neutral spirits.

Alcohol Percentage

Original Choice whisky carries an alcohol strength of 42.8%, the permissible limit for all spirits based alcoholic beverages in India.

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